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long do cosmetics last?

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  • How Long do cosmetics last

I often get asked how long I should keep a product. Here’s a little guide to give you a few answers.

How long for…………:

-Mascara: 3 to 4 months
-Liquid eyeliner: 3 to 4 months
-Eyeliner pencil: around 1 year
-Lipstick or gloss: around 1 year
-Lip liner pencil: around 1 year
-Liquid or cream foundation in tube or pump bottle: around 1 year
-Liquid or cream foundation in a jar or compact: 6 to10 months
-A powder product (eye shadow, blush etc.): 1 to 3 years
-Nail polish: around 1 year
-Moisturizer in a tube or pump bottle: around 1 year
-Moisturizer in a jar: 6 to 10 months
-Self-tanner: around 6 months
-Sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF: maximum 1 year

Some companies give an indication in the form of a small logo which tells you how long you can keep the product when opened. Usually, it’s found on skin-care products. You won’t find it so often on makeup. This logo is universal; it looks like a little open can of tuna. Here’s an illustration.

How Long do cosmetics last

On it, you’ll see the number of months the product is supposed to last. After this date, it’s best to throw it away because it’s either no longer effective or gone bad. Usually, it’s a question of reduced efficacy.

How to prolong the life of your products

If a product has never been opened and used, it’ll obviously last longer. So if you’ve already got 10 lip glosses for the season, that’s certainly enough. Don’t open the others, keep them for next season!
Keep your cosmetics in a cool dry place away from light. Forget the bathroom, there’s too much humidity.

Avoid keeping your products in your handbag during summer. Cosmetics don’t like heat.
If you have oily skin and use powder, use latex sponges or disposable puffs or maybe a brush that you can clean after each use. This way, you’ll avoid contaminating your powder with oil which will reduce its life.
Brush cleaners are very useful because you don’t want to give your brush a shampoo each time you use it. That should be done once a week. Just spray a little on a tissue and wipe your brush. Most brush cleaners contain alcohol which will disinfect the brush hairs.

If you have products in jars, use a spatula to get the product out and clean it after each use. If you put your finger in the jar, you’ll contaminate the product with bacteria.

If one of your products smells different, changes colour, texture or application, throw it out, it’s probably gone bad. It could cause infections and we don’t want that to happen, do we?

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