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How to
deal with runny eyeliner

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  • Runny Eye Liner

How to deal with runny eyeliner or eye pencil

Here is some advice for this very common problem.
First of all, here are the reasons why this annoying problem occurs.

1. Watery eyes. Those of you with sensitive eyes will know about this. They can be sensitive to light, makeup, wind etc. Choose makeup specially designed for sensitive eyes or contact lens-wearers. You can also go for waterproof or water-resistant products if your eyes are teary. But waterproof doesn’t necessarily mean long-wearing. It just means that the product will not come off on contact with water.

2. The second reason is the most common one: the sebum in the skin dilutes the makeup and makes it runny. The lids don’t secrete very much sebum so where does it come from? It comes from the sebaceous glands in your forehead and your scalp. Although that doesn’t sound very attractive, it’s the plain truth. Attack the source of the problem:
-use an appropriate shampoo for your hair type.
-use a moisturizer adapted to your skin type. So if you have oily or combination skin, use a matifying or oil-control product.

Use an appropriate foundation too. Some are more matifying than others and last longer. Ask a cosmetic advisor in the pharmacy or department store to find you the best formula for your skin type.

Other tips can help your foundation’s oil-controlling properties.

-you can get all kinds of foundation primers now. They make a big difference so try one.

-Powder will absorb oil too so powder your face (especially your forehead) with loose or compact powder. Touch up your powder during the day: prevention is better than cure.
Powder your eyelids too and all around your eyes before applying eye makeup and pencil and use a smaller brush or even a sponge-tip applicator which allows a more generous application. You can also use a neutral beige eye shadow.

And of course, some brands of pencils or eyeliners last longer tan others. Sometimes you have to try several to find one that suits you. Liquid eyeliners last longer than pencils. Gel liners are also a good option because they have the creamy texture of a pencil but with the long-lasting factor.

Have you ever had problems with runny eyeliner? What did you do about it? Maybe you have your own tips and suggestions?

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