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Virtual Makeover

Do you like my Virtual Makeovers section? You can have yours too!

Instead of going to a salon or having a makeup artist come over to your place, here’s my fun suggestion: on-line virtual makeovers!

You’ve probably noticed that they’re not real makeup sessions. I use Photoshop software to create your desired look from a photo that you send me.

Unlike sites offering a similar procedure with automatic software that doesn’t take into account your morphology, my version is more personalised and you’ll get a look that really flatters your face and features, with some tips thrown in!

If you wish to participate in Virtual Makeovers, just send me a photo and fill out the form. It should be a good-quality clear photo, maximum 4 megs, and your features should be clearly visible (keep your head up straight). And because the aim is to create a makeup look, your face should be free of makeup. If your photo doesn’t conform to these standards, I reserve the right not to do the makeover.

I do a virtual makeover around once a month so if you need urgent advice; it’s probably not the ideal section of the site for you. It’s possible that your makeover will appear on-line only after several months. So please be patient.

I’ll send you an e-mail when your makeover is on line.

Looking forward to doing your virtual makeup!

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