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lipstick reveals your personality

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  • Your lipstick shape reveals your personality

Your lipstick reveals your personality

I’m not sure whether the way you use your lipstick really reveals your personality but it’s fun to see if there’s any correlation! It’s a bit like numerology or astrology. This kind of little psycho-test is nothing new but a friend recently showed it to me and we had a lot of fun comparing our styles.

So to amuse you, here are the 8 most popular ways that women use their lipstick (sorry all you gloss users ;o), and a brief description of the personality traits that go with each one. Unfortunately I don’t have the reference or the source so I don’t know if it was a psychologist or a makeup artist who wrote this but I think there may be some truth in it somewhere. Important; start with a bevel-cut lipstick.

Type 1: The end of your lipstick stays the same shape as when you bought it (whatever the original shape)

lipstick shape 1

-You obey the rules
-You don’t like to attract attention
-You are rather reserved
-You are a great admirer or others
-You have a well-structured schedule
-You’re serious

Type 2: The end of your lipstick is a uniform dome shape

lipstick shape 2

-You’re an easygoing person
-You’re even-tempered
-You’re likeable
-You’re a peacemaker
-You’re generous

Type 3 : The end of your lipstick is a perfect diagonal

Lipstick shape 3

-You’re enthusiastic
-You don’t like fixed schedules
-You’re opinionated but open-minded
-You’re selective in your choice of friends
-You like to convince others
-You like to be noticed

Type 4: Your lipstick is rounded with a pointed end

Lipstick shape 4

-You’re creative
-You’re energetic
-You’re optimistic and enthusiastic
-You chatter a lot
-You like people to notice you

-You’re helpful
-You fall in love easily
-You don’t like to stick to schedules but you really need them

Type 5: The tip of your lipstick is concave with a pointed end

Lipstick shape 5

-You’re an amiable person
-Your family is important to you
-You like to tell people what to do
-You’re competent and efficient in your work
-You’re stubborn
-You have a tendency to exaggerate
-You like to be surrounded by friends

Type 6: The end of your lipstick is flat like a lip balm

Lipstick shape 6

-You’re straightforward
-You think appearance is important
-You’re conservative
-You’re quick-witted
-You stick to your principles
-You need people to approve of your choices (Ceci ne concorde pas avec le trait precedent!)
-You’re trustworthy
-You like challenges

Type 7: The end of your lipstick is concave

Lipstick shape 7

-You’re perspicacious
-You make friends easily
-You can be indiscreet
-You’re dynamic
-You like to investigate, as a detective would.
-You have a complex personality
-You like to ask questions
-You’re brave and dashing

Type 8: The end of your lipstick is pointed

Lipstick shape 8

- You’re curious
-You’re faithful
-You have a good sense of your own importance
-You like easy solutions
-You’re witty
-You like attention
-You love life in general
-Other people find you mysterious

So which type are you? Does the description sound like you? I’m a type 4 and I think the description suits me: maybe we should look at this more seriously after all!

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